SlowBlast 1.0

SlowBlast 1.0 is a program for changing playing speed of musical tracks (See all)

Sometimes when you listen to a complex and many-sided musical track you wish to slow it down a little to understand it better. It is especially useful for musicians who want to make it out into scores. It usually helps them in understanding their mistakes, discovering something new and improving their skills. SlowBlast 1.0 is a perfect tool for such people. It doesn’t have a lot of different features and includes only one function – changing playing speed of music tracks. Absence of multifunctionality brings us a simple and easy-to-use interface. After inserting an audio CD in your CD-ROM a list of all tracks with their durations will be displayed in the main window of the program. By the way if you have several CD-ROMs in your computer then you can choose the one SlowBlast 1.0 will work with. Press the “Play” button or double-click on any track you like in the list to start playback. After that you have to record a part of track you want to slow down and use a special slider to change its speed. That’s all. If you are interested in more multifunctional software with a similar feature then you should visit SlowBlast 1.0 developers’ home page and get information about SlowGold that is more advanced.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Helps to analyze music track


  • Poor design
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